A podcast, a meeting, a plan, a panorama

Last night the editors of The Artificial Selection Project popped some popcorn and cracked their computers open around a shiny new microphone. They flicked on that microphone, hit the record button, and an hour later they had their first podcast: an amalgamation of ideas, plans, laughter, and excitement. The editors, Kevin Cullen, Ryan Hicks, and Evan Ramos, talked about The Artificial Selection Project, what it means to each of them, and where they want to steer the journal/blog. A community was the resounding sound throughout the podcast, reaching out to fellow writers who felt their work was underrepresented or wholeheartedly disliked due to its “different” content. How will that community will be formed? Listen to the podcast and find out! (No spoilers here, people…)

Give the podcast a listen HERE and check out the vines that were recorded during the Project’s first podcast!


One response to “A podcast, a meeting, a plan, a panorama

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