Weekly List of Engaging Calls for Submissions!

Check out our list of what we think are pretty nifty literary mags that are currently open for submissions.

If you have a literary journal that you’d like featured here, shoot us an email and we’ll give you a peek.

the light ekphrastic

Their site: http://thelightekphrastic.com/

What they’re about: The Light Ekphrastic is a quarterly online journal dedicated to the creation of new written and visual artworks through collaboration between artists. For each issue, writers and artists will be paired, each creating a new poem, story, photograph, painting or other piece of artwork inspired by work previously created by their partner artist.

What we think: What a cool idea! Pairing up writers with artists and having them work off of each other is such a great concept for a literary journal because really bridges the gap in terms of cohesion between the written word and the visual. By bringing the two different artists together, a community is formed, new friendships are (hopefully) made, and the journal produces something very cohesive.

Permafrost Magazine

Their site: http://permafrostmag.com/

What they’re about: Permafrost is housed at the University of Alaska Fairbanks MFA program, and run by dedicated creative writing graduate students. We publish a winter print issue as well as a spring online issue, both of which features compelling poetry, fiction, and literary nonfiction by established writers and new voices alike.  In Alaska, our unique environment shapes our perspective, but Permafrost seeks original voices from all over the world.

What we think: I’m a big fan of college journals because these are the journals run by people who usually are unpaid and thus must really enjoy what they’re doing. They’re also the journals that, generally, have the longest lifespans, which means getting your work into something as established as Permafrost can be a definite plus on your list of publications.

Petrichor Review

Their site: http://www.petrichorreview.com/

What they’re about: We are a bi-annual online arts & literature journal, here to assert ourselves and our tastes in the evolving literary-Internet market. We don’t care where you’ve been published before or where you went to school. We care about what you do outside of being a writer, your likes, dislikes, secret dreams, what you ate for breakfast.

What we think: Petrichor is a pleasant little journal made up of folks who seem to care most about what kinds of odd facets of life you’re experiencing at the moment, rather than any kinds of superficial titles you might hold. It makes me smile and feel like someone might actually take a genuine interest in me, rather than in my CV.


Their site: http://anobiumlit.com/

What they’re about: We started with a small goal: to publish. Give writers a place to send their writing ‒ experimental and hybrid writing generally pishaw’d by the Academic scene (which has somehow gotten its tendrils stuck around the many boughs of Literature per se) ‒ get it read, and possibly get it published. Simple.

What we think: I love this press. The folks here are very cool, with great designs for all of their journals and published works. Their ideas regarding the kinds of things worth publishing ring right alongside our own, so it’s difficult for me to not feel a kind of kinship with them when I visit their site.

Gigantic Sequins

Their site: http://giganticsequins.com/

What they’re about: Gigantic Sequins is a not-for-profit literary-arts journal. We are print-based and publish one summer and one winter issue. Our black & white journal is known for its quality writing as well as its unique design and aesthetic. We accept work from unpublished writers in addition to those who have an already established voice. We enjoy publishing writers who have their hands in various sorts of figurative creative cookie jars. We are interested in cultivating an artistic community over a widespread area through our biannual journal and enjoy promoting our past and our current contributors’ achievements.

What we think: Very artsy (but in a good way!), Gigantic Sequins creates really beautiful journals filled with exquisite artwork that are only in black and white! So artists out there, take heed and pay attention to your shadowing. What I also really dig about these guys is the fact that they work to create a community by giving little shout-outs and promotions for contributors who happen to accomplish something outside of Gigantic Sequins. It’s things like that that definitely make this journal one you’ll want to become a part of.


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  1. Hello Kevin, Nice to meet you. Thank you for following my blog. Your site is great! I have a few dark short story, which I would love to see published. I stopped writing them, because they don’t go over well with my followers. I guess they are not for everybody. Have a great day. See you soon.


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