Inside Our World

Let’s face it, people. The world is a rather uncomfortably large place. And in its largeness, there is a certain tendency to feel small. To feel as though one’s voice is lost amongst the multitude. But there is hope. And that hope comes in the form of resources that direct voices towards the world’s microphones, so to speak. Metaphors aside, we’re talking about internet hubs that feature up and coming authors and artists, that produce lists of places to submit our hard work to, and that act as communities where like-minded folks can come together and enjoy one another’s visions.

In this way, we urge you, the writers and artists, to use The Artificial Selection Project as a resource to get your voices out into the wild blue yonder. And the only way to do that is to open the world. To read whatever you can get your hands on. To write everything that rages within you. To soak in the beauty of paint and film. And to hear the explosiveness of voice. We need to roll about in the filth and beauty around us, if only to take from it the knowledge we gain from having experienced it and through that experience, a channeling into our artistry. So read on, friends. And listen. And feel!

7 responses to “Inside Our World

  1. Great stuff here guys. I like this idea and am happy to follow. Looking forward to checking out what is up-and-coming on your site and thanks for checking out my work on my own blog. Keep in touch. Peace and love. Alexander Johnny


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