Our Future


The Artificial Selection Project is open to a variety of art forms (fiction, music, video, and visual) that are different. Written work must be previously unpublished and the sole property of the writer submitting.

We are looking for fearless, engaging work and are open to a variety of formal and narrative modes. Challenge us, surprise us, confound us, terrify us, but whatever you do, bring us with you. Also when submitting, please include your name and complete contact information.



– The Guidelines –

Fiction: 7,500 words max. Preferably between 10-15 pps, as space is limited. And we are open to flash fiction as well. Include a brief synopsis..

Art work: A jpeg of your original work of at least 300 DPI. Include a brief description (style/genre) and an artist bio.

Music: An MP3 of a song that represents your work. Include a brief description (style/genre) and an artist bio.

Video: A link of a video that has been posted on youtube, vimeo, or any other major video sharing site. Include a brief description (style/genre) and an artist bio.

Written work submitted simultaneously to other publications is not a problem. Just let us know if some other folks accept it. We also do not accept previously published written work.

Upon acceptance, The Artificial Selection Project reserves the right to edit your work as we see fit, though we will seek your approval beforehand.
The deadline to submit is August 1, 2013!
– – –
Payment and Legality:
All contributors will receive a complimentary copy of the e-book issue in which they are published. Because we are very small, we cannot yet afford to pay our writers.


21 responses to “Our Future

  1. I don’t have any grudges. I would scream in the car (when I had one) and the grudges go away.
    But I can see this is a great space for people with grudges, and for people who are really creative. There’s a lot of energy here, and I wish you well with your project. May it become as big as FB! Bigger!
    Thanks for following our blog. I hope you enjoy the stories of our journey.


  2. Appreciate having my eyes opened to this project. I love the serious humour and the arresting images and artwork. Dragonshades speaks through colour and over the past year, daily postings have reflected the changing moods of colour on a daily basis. Good to know that you will be following on my next year’s journey.


  3. Thanks for visiting and choosing to follow my blog. I’m intrigued by what you’ve got going on here. Too bad I let my grudges go, I’ve got nothing to submit now 🙂


  4. thanks for following intheinterval.wordpress.com . nice to know someone might be at least scanning the thing. I love the logo(s). and who ever said “natural” selection selected the best? looking forward to your posts.


  5. What a very cool space. Thank you for stopping by my little blog and following me. I’ll consider submitting soon!


    • We’ll always take submissions. We have selected the group of stories that we will be publishing in our first issue that will be coming out soon. We have started a new call for submissions for original creation myths (to be published on the site). We will take submissions for our second issue in the later part of this year.


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