Limited Edition Tees Worth Buying


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Whenever I get compliments on a t shirt, it’s usually one I bought through It’s called “fury” because the t shirts are sold, blitzkrieg style, for only 24 hours. The site specialize in fan art, mashups (called mash potatoes), and original artwork. They hold open submissions for designs in which the artists, if selected, get a chunk of the profit and the buyer gets an awesome limited edition tee.

For a little extra mayhem, “twofury” takes over. Two shirts rage in battle for 24 hours. The design with the most sales is crowned the epic champion of fan art tees. Today’s twofury is Pacific Rim inspired, tomorrow’s…who knows.

Check every night at 9 pm for new t shirt designs. You just might find your perfect tee.


4 responses to “Limited Edition Tees Worth Buying

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    • Yes! I just love how is a place where artists have access to creating tees and consumers have access to buying them. It’s a unique community that’s definitely a win win.


  2. May I recommend checking out It collects Teefury and most of the other daily shirt sites, updating with the latest designs on a regular basis.

    Honestly, that site is killing my bank account… too many good designs. I keep telling myself I’ll cut back, but then one of the sites will put up a design that hits my “Must have” trigger. I remember seeing about five Final Fantasy VII and VIII shirts in a week… or the week after I saw Pacific Rim for the first time… by the end of that I’d already ordered eight different designs, because damn it, I loved them all…


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