Editor’s Selection: Top 5 Alternative Super Hero Movies Of All Time

In honor of Kick Ass 2, and The Top 5 Super Hero Movies Of All Time, The Artificial Selection Project has a new list to share. Let us know what you think.

5. Super


Strange and disturbing, this very alternative film by James Gunn (who is now directing Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy) definitely set the bar for how out-there a super hero movie can be.

4. Watchmen


Zack Snyder’s much debated adaptation of the classic graphic novel offered a big budget take on alternative literature.

3. Unbreakable


When M. Night was great. This was one of the first alternative super hero films, and will always be one of the best.

2. Chronicle


Josh Trank (who is now working on The Fantastic Four reboot) and the genius Max Landis successfully balanced many different elements to push the boundaries of the genre even further.

1. Kick Ass


Powerful. Funny. Dark. Touching. Violent. Brilliant. Another amazing adaptation, Kick Ass has everything one could want in an alternative super hero film.


4 responses to “Editor’s Selection: Top 5 Alternative Super Hero Movies Of All Time

  1. Super is the only one of these I haven’t seen. I’ve been meaning to give it a look for a while now.

    That said, I could do with watching each of them again anyway. It’s some time since I’ve seen Watchmen, Kick-Ass or Unbreakable, and Chronicle was watched while I was bedridden with a severe fever and respiratory tract infection in China, so I’m sure there’s some details I missed there in my delirium.

    Thanks for the reminders. I think I’m sorted for what movies I’ll be watching during this week.


  2. Now this is a good list. I’m glad Unbreakable was included. This movie just doesn’t get enough respect. Too many people can’t seem to get past their issues with M. Night in order to appreciate this film.


  3. I definitely agree with the top three – they are all awesome movies. I haven’t seen four or five, but this list has made me want to make sure I do as soon as possible. I just saw Kick-ass 2 this week so I am in the super hero zone!


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