This Is The End (Flash Review)


Judd Apatow’s hilarious circle of actors, writers, directors, and producers are at it again. While Apatow is not actually involved in this one, it will definitely satisfy those who can’t get enough of their distinct brand of raunchy, deep, hysterical, heartfelt, and intelligent humor. The whole gang is here, and playing themselves. Some portray relatively accurate versions, others play up all of their worst qualities and public personas. And it takes place during the apocalypse. This marks Seth Rogen’s first film behind the camera (along with his writing partner Evan Goldberg) and another first for the group in the use of special effects. Everything works, and it has received the critical and commercial success it deserves, which ensures that all of these guys will continue to push the comedic envelope, much to our satisfaction. Available online and DVD/Blu-Ray now.


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