Weekly List of Fresh Calls for Submissions

Check out our list of what we think are pretty nifty literary mags that are currently open for submissions.

If you have a literary journal that you’d like featured here, shoot us an email and we’ll give you a peek.

Goose Goose Press

Their Site: http://goosegoosepress.com/

What They’re About: We are a small start-up press that focuses entirely on digital products. We adore short science fiction stories and enjoy reading each and every submission even if we don’t make an offer. Yes, we’re small and we’re new. But, we never ask for money from our authors. We operate on an advance and royalty model unless we are attempting to purchase all rights (only in non-fiction). Our advances are always non-recourse (we’ll never ask for the advance back, even if the royalties don’t cover the advance).

What We Think: Hot off the WordPress, Goose Goose Press is a new face in the world of small press publishing. What makes them stand out from among most other small presses (including our modest set-up here) is that they actually pay authors for their work without asking for a submission fee! Crazy? We think so, which is why we like them already.

Waxing Press

Their Site: http://waxingpress.com/

What They’re About: Based out of Cincinnati, OH, Waxing Press is an independent small book publisher. We prize, above all else, literary excellence and work that pushes the bounds of what fiction does, what fiction can do and what fiction should do. Writing that is deeply intellectual. Work with big ideas, and navigates risk and experimentation with a masterful hand.

What We Think: Waxing Press is another brand new publisher looking to make waves. They’re currently holding a contest, asking for writers to submit novellas or even full-fledged novels if you have them, with the prospect of a publishing deal! And with the NaNoWriMo kicking off, this is definitely a press you’ll want to stay in contact with once that November Novel is polished off.


Their Site: http://www.geist.com/

What They’re About: Geist is a magazine of ideas and culture made in Canada with a strong literary focus and a sense of humour. The Geist tone is intelligent, plain-talking, inclusive and offbeat. Each issue represents a convergence of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, photography, art, reviews, little-known facts of interest, cartography, and the legendary Geist crossword puzzle.

What We Think: Geist has been around for quite a while, but with such a prolific publishing schedule, they’re definitely worth a bit of attention. Their website is great and their style is nothing but comical class. The only catch is that, if you’re submitting something, either you have to be Canadian or your subject has to relate to Canada in someway. If you’ve got neither of these things working in  your favor, then it’s time to put pen to paper and have at it! If you’re having trouble, try using this writing prompt – “A new superhero has shown his face, and it is Canadian.”

line zeroLine Zero

Their Site: http://linezero.org/

What They’re About: Line Zero is an emerging, independent print journal dedicated to writing and the arts. Unlike any other publication of its kind, Line Zero features the hybrid content of a traditional literary journal and a collection of editorial essays on art, writing, music, publishing, photography, creative writing reference, book and tech reviews, and art events.

What We Think: Line Zero is a slick, relatively new press that has a definite eye for cool. Their covers for previous publications (of course we judge by covers) are awesome and their quarterly publication schedule keeps them always on the lookout for the next big author, aka – you.

Pithead Chapel

Their Site: http://pitheadchapel.com/

What They’re About: Pithead Chapel is looking for engaging stories told in honest voices. Most of all, we want to feel something. We want to reach the last word and immediately crave more. We want your work to leave a brilliant bruise.

What We Think: Pithead Journal is definitely a labor of passion. Put together by artists and writers who simply love the arts and the voices found therein, they grind out monthly issues without any signs of slowing. Because of their breakneck publishing record, they’re definitely a group of folks who are always looking for the kinds of exemplary work we know you pump out with equal ferocity.


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