Top [13] Bizarre Apps for Android

With the explosive release of Google’s line of Nexus android devices and the continuing growth of the Android market, we here at The Artificial Selection Project decided to take a look at what kinds of apps are bouncing through the internet’s lower intestine.Needless to say, we weren’t disappointed by the insurmountable amount of odd, yet engaging tidbits of software stewing beneath the “Top 10!” lists found elsewhere on the internet. What follows are 13 apps that struck us as peculiar, outlandish, informative, sometimes pointless, and bizarrely entertaining. If you know of any other apps that belong on this list, leave a comment at the bottom and we’ll update the post to include your favorites!

1. Gravilux by Scott Snibbe Studio  

Cost: 1.99

Gravilux is one of the more fascinating apps on our list. A combination of animation, sensitivity, serenity, and chaos, Gravilux is a constantly fluxing mural of stars that responds precisely to your touch. The beauty of this app is in its capacity to create a personalized, yet entirely plausible and expedited representation of our ever shifting universe. This feeling of omnipotence, in turn, helps calm the nerves after a long day of dealing with the general public…

2. Terminator Vision HUD by Axel S.

Cost: 1.29

Awesome just for the pure nostalgia of it all, the Terminator Vision HUD turns the camera on your device into the reincarnation of Arnold’s metallic optical cable. Complete with an actual metal detector and working compass, this app is too excellent to pass up. Especially for someone on the prowl for certain Sara Connors of note…

3. iBeer by Hottrix

Cost: Free

We’ve all been there. You’re at the bar with your buddies, ready to lay some big bills down for some hard hitting IPAs when you’re suddenly struck with a sickening realization: payday isn’t until Friday. You don’t wanna bum any cash off your friends because, hey, then you owe them. That’s where the iBeer app comes in handy. For the hefty price of $0.00, you can join your buddies in their binges and drink even the heftiest bouncer under the table. The app comes with realistic liquid simulations, a foamy aftermath, and the option to belch after a hefty swig. They also offer a paid version of the app (for $1.99) which will let you choose your beer’s eFlavor. Bottoms up for this bizarre app!

4. Broken Screen by Mister Borken

Cost: Free

This sick joke app comes loaded with heart stopping hi-res broken screen images. I tested the effectiveness of this app on my roommate’s phone, which contains the equivalent of his life, and was not disappointed. Once he began drafting my eviction papers, I revealed the app’s secret to him. It didn’t stop him from throwing me out, but at least I was laughing as I dragged my belongings to the nearest freeway underpass.

5. GEICO BroStache by GEICO Insurance

Cost: Free

Definitely the most disconcerting and uncomfortably bizarre app on our list, the Geico BroStache gives android users of any gender or age the ability to join in the Movember fun. With seven mustaches to choose from, all you do is open the app, place the device on front of your mouth, and talk away. The mouth moves with your vocal waves and transforms you into a ventriloquist-dummy-with-a-mustache. This app is especially effective if given to children.

6. Stair Dismount by Secret Exit Ltd.

Cost: Free

What began as a pretty cool physics experiment involving falling bodies turned into something far more diabolical with a single discovery: this app lets you paste the faces of your friends onto the ragdoll, hurl them down several flights of stairs, and watch as your pal Bob’s limbs are bent in stomach churning angles. The best part (yes it gets better) is this: you can add crunching sound effects to enhance the brutal death of your best friend and then post the video of them dying in agony on Facebook. We keep it classy.

7. Zombie, Run! by Peter Dolan

Cost: Free

Is your weekend jog route growing a little stale? Want to spice up your evening run? Well look no further than Zombie, Run! This app is ridiculously fun. Activate your GPS, tap your destination on the map that pops up, and choose what flavor of zombie you want to avoid. Then take off and wait for the GPS zombies to home in on your location! It’s a lot of fun outrunning the cyber-dead because you’re forced down streets (or backyards in my case) that you wouldn’t otherwise explore, all in an attempt to make it safely to the destination. With this app, it’s either get in shape or become cyber-food.

8. Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide by ragecore

Cost: 0.99

Truly bizarre fact: on May 18, 2011, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published an article, Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse. Click that link and get informed. Or pick up this app for $0.99 and get the Cliff’s Notes version. Be prepared, people. We’re talking about the end of the world here.

9. Hackers Handbook by The Black Hatter

Cost: 6.99

While the cost might be a little high, the Hackers Handbook is the end-all mobile resource for all your devious online escapades. With excellently outlined instructions and a constantly updated database of articles and features, the Hackers Handbook more than pays for itself with the amount of really cool content that rests at the tips of your exploitative fingertips. Crack into this black hatter’s treasure box of secrets and control the internet like a true Anon.

10. World’s Hardest Game by Mobius Networks

Cost: Free

The most frustrating app on the list, World’s Hardest Game is just that – a game designed to be stupidly difficult. I have yet to beat the bloody thing. In fact, there are so few people who actually have beaten it that they have a leaderboard simply dedicated to those who have finished the damn thing. I won’t be appearing on there any time soon.

11. Kitten Cannon by Bobo Empires

Cost: Free

Disgusting. Depraved. Sadistic. Addicting. Kitten Cannon is precisely what its name suggest. You have a cannon. It shoots kittens. How far the kitten goes depends on your skill, how many trampolines the kitten manages to ricochet off of, and whether or not the kitten-eating plants are fast enough to devour your little fuzzy cannonball. Bizarre? Absolutely.

12. Probe the Humans by Gameresort

Cost: Free

A fun, strange romp through the countryside where you, the ever-curious alien, seem hell-bent on abducting every human, animal, and coin you can get your tractor-beam on. It’s on the list mainly because of its name.

13. Angry Gran by Ace Viral

Cost: Free

Part little old lady, part homicidal vigilante, Angry Gran is what I expect Batman will become once he reaches the ripe old age of 80. Collect weapons and beat down the youngster riff-raff that seems to be plaguing your derelict little neighborhood. It’s fast-paced and will spark quite a few laughs as the old woman’s arsenal increases to atomic proportions.


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