Elementary, My Dear Television Viewer! (“Sherlock” Flash Review)


Sherlock, put simply, is brilliant. From the overwhelmingly creative minds of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss (two of the brains behind the recent seasons of Dr. Who) Sherlock sweeps viewers through London in the wake of one of the sharpest minds in literary, and now televised history. The show re-imagines the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in a modern world, where text messages and hacked computer terminals provide Sherlock Holmes with new and fascinating ways to solve the beloved mysteries of yesteryear. The series stars Benedict Cumberbatch (Star Trek: Into Darkness) as the fast-talking, dangerously clever Sherlock Holmes, and Martin Freeman (The Hobbit) as the grounded Dr. Watson. The chemistry between the two of these characters has never been so satisfying to watch, as Sherlock drags the outwardly-reluctant-yet-inwardly-eager Watson through six fascinating mysteries that unravel in spectacular fashion. And with the ever-present maniacal genius of Moriarty looming over Sherlock’s investigations, viewers are treated to an over-arching storyline that challenges the haughty Sherlock and brings him to limits he wasn’t aware he had. It’s a riveting exploration of psychosis and addiction that, after watching, left me feeling as though I had taken a hefty dose of intelligence straight to the brain.

The first two seasons of Sherlock are available to stream on Netflix!


10 responses to “Elementary, My Dear Television Viewer! (“Sherlock” Flash Review)

  1. I initially noticed this post’s summary on my “reader” page and I thought you were reviewing “Elementary”, the CBS show until I saw Moffat’s name and burst out “what?” he’s doing that one too?

    Kinda glad I misread that. I do so love this PBS Sherlock. I watched all the episodes on Netflix since I missed them when they first showed and now I’m eagerly awaiting the new season. The casting is great and the retelling of the classic Holmes stories is amazing.


    • Haha! I haven’t seen any of Elementary other than the trailers. It looks pretty terrible. Lucy Lu as Watson? I can’t buy it.

      I too caught it on Netflix long after it aired. I think it was better that way though, as commercials would have really cut into the intelligent flow of the story.

      They’re shooting the third season right now! It’s slated to be released early next year. Cumberbatch and Freeman’s schedules have been a little booked as of late, so it took a while to get to it…


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