Artist Spotlight featuring Archaic Revival

Archaic Revival hits our front page this week thanks to its fractal driven, hybridized art style. The artist himself, Christian Laney-Clark, brings to the canvas a wholly new style of psychedelic art – one that is grounded in nature and the natural world at large. Incorporating elements of death, life, and the colors between, the California native artist stretches his angular imagination out into the wilderness and captures what can only be described as a focused trip into the quantum schemes of the earth. According to him, the art itself is “psychedelic inspired [and] comprised of digital, paint, and multimedia creations.”

Multimedia creations indeed – Clark does not limit his art to canvasses and computer screens. In his repertoire of artistic endeavors, he expands into material compositions, crafting things like hiking backpacks from various fabrics and wood and purses from recyclable materials.

So how does Clark’s label, “Archaic Revival,” influence and represent the work he produces?

“It seems everything is paradox,” he says. “This is the element of reality that creates the driving friction of life, and a crucial aspect of my art.

Over time, I’ve grown to have great interest in the mind and the mental world. I’m awed by the creativity of nature and in its blooming from the hands of men. I’m learning to appreciate life, to live gracefully, and to always have a good time. I can’t find any stronger calling to me than my own need to design and create. I wish to carry on the artistic tradition that’s long been the shining idiosyncrasy of mankind. This is an archaic tradition and this is the Archaic Revival.”

Check out Christian’s TUMBLR as well as his FACEBOOK for plenty of Archaic art and for contact information if you’re interested in picking up some of his wood-mounted prints! And flip through our slideshow down below for but a sample of what this inspiring artist has to offer.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Are you an artist looking for some cool exposure? We’re looking for some awesome artists to feature here on our website to bring some color to the front page! Drop us a line at and we’ll get in touch! 


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