Weekly List of Fantastic Calls for Submissions, June 8

Check out our list of what we think are pretty rad literary mags that are currently open for submissions from writers like us.  If you have a literary journal that you’d like featured here, shoot us an email and we’ll give you a peek.


Their site: http://anchorandplumepress.com/

What they’re about: At Kindred we believe in the power of story to bring people together. We believe stories are written to be shared, to change people, to shape culture, to spark a desire to know and be known. It is in the creation and celebration of story in all its forms: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and visual that we celebrate home. In embracing the idea of home, we celebrate the messy, the meaningful, the people, and places we hold near and dear to our hearts.

What we think: Kindred is great because it emphasizes the simple beauty of life. A lot of journals emphasize serious plotting and crisis, which is good, don’t get me wrong. But to be offered the opportunity to tell a tale of a simpler moment is refreshing and not to be missed.

Unshod Quills

Their Site: http://unshodquills.com/

What they’re about: Unshod Quills is a quarterly literary and arts journal born to showcase the efforts of writers and artists huddled together against the lonely effort of creation. All contributions to Unshod Quills are based on topics assigned by the editors, and the art and writing on the website are connected by those themes.

What we think: Unshod Quills is interesting in that the themes they choose, while somewhat unrelated, have the capacity to tie together to create a very interesting narrative that can be woven between different authors. The themes for their current open submissions are Envy–Epitaph–Bras–Sugar–Comic Book–Life Cycle. Interesting…

300 Days of Sun

Their site: http://300dos.wordpress.com/

What they’re about: 300 Days of Sun is a student run literary journal sponsored by the Nevada State College. It is a print journal featuring poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and visual art. 300 Days of Sun seeks original poetry, prose, creative non-fiction, art, and photography from authors and artists living in the Southwest (Nevada, California, Arizona, New Mexico & Utah). Send us something smart and well-planned, or something clever and spontaneous. Surprise us.

What we think: New on the block and staffed with students, we can’t help but feel a certain kinship towards 300 Days of Sun. They’re kicking off the first literary journal Nevada State College has seen, so we feel it’s important to give them a solid welcoming. 

The Zodiac Review

Their site: http://www.thezodiacreview.com/

What they’re about: A significant number of readers and writers are increasingly searching for that certain something that’s missing from both the strictly guarded world of purely literary fiction and the many worlds of sharply defined genre fiction: a publishing home where the two realms meet. The need for a hospitable publication in hybrid territory is growing. The Zodiac Review is here to meet that need.

What we think: The Zodiac Review really stands out from a lot of lit mags in that, according to their website, the editors in charge of reading submissions will provide feedback to you about your work, regardless of whether they accept it or not. This is a great resource that is well worth utilizing as feedback from any source should be welcomed with open arms.


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