New Sound Systems, New Podcasts, Vaguely Familiar Horizons

During our second podcast, we here at The Artificial Selection Project learned a few things. The first one being that I have a difficult time sitting still, and as such, it becomes impossible to gauge my volume. That is definitely something you’ll notice upon listening. I’m only slightly sorry. The second thing we learned is that Ryan has a terrifyingly vast amount of pop-culture knowledge. This, we’ve decided, is going to manifest itself on our website here in the form of book and film reviews! Great stuff. The third thing we all learned is…well…actually, instead of spoiling it for you, give our podcast a listen and find out for yourself!

Click here to listen in on our official podcast, and check out the vines below that we taped during our recording of the podcast!

Click here for a direct download (if you aren’t into the whole Itunes thing).


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