There’s Nothing Bad About This Omen. (“Good Omens” Flash Review)


The apocalypse is upon us, the four horsemen are already on earth, and the Anti-Christ is about to be born. Our only hope lies in the hands of a demon and an angel who have created an alliance to stop it. Their motivation: the demon, Crowley, enjoys driving his Bentley too much, and the angel, Aziraphale, still needs to add to his rare book collection. These celestial beings blunder through their mission to stop the apocalypse and make us laugh through the process. In Good Omens, Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman have masterfully crafted a complexly hilarious narrative of the end of the world. With all of the apocalypse stories that have saturated the media, Good Omens is the one that you should pick up first.


5 responses to “There’s Nothing Bad About This Omen. (“Good Omens” Flash Review)

  1. Hi Kevin, thanks for introducing yourselves by following our site. We look forward to exploring yours further. (Considering 2 of our contributors are currently attending the 2013 DiscWorld Convention, I’d say we have a lot in common!) Please check out the RAXA Collective facebook and Google+ pages too, see you there!


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