Diversity, Love, and PRIDE


Last Saturday, I lost my Gay Pride Parade virginity. I wish I had lost it a lot earlier. The streets of Hillcrest, San Diego were colored with diversity, celebration, and rainbow flags. The parade passed by with music pounding out of speakers and a multitude of men and women dancing. Cans were tied to the back of the buses, floats, and trucks to celebrate a grand victory indeed, legal equality in marriage. It felt how America should feel: openly accepting of all types of bodies and people, a place that gives freedom to be who you are, and a people who are passionate and loving. There were no stereotypes that could contain all those who attended. We were all just there celebrating with our community. Happy Pride!

Check out some of the picture I took!

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2 responses to “Diversity, Love, and PRIDE

  1. Hey! I was there! I love the sense of community, happiness, and acceptance (as you mentioned). It feels like everyone is open and embraces the authentic expressions of self in any and every form. Happy Pride


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