Wack As #@$% (The Lonely Island “The Wack Album” Flash Review)


Before their burgeoning (and self-proclaimed “fake”) rap career, a decent chunk of movies and television appearances (Hot Rod, MacGruber, The Watch, Parks and Rec, Girls, etc..), and SNL’s digital shorts, was a YouTube channel. Known for their ridiculous skits, songs, and characters, The Lonely Island (childhood friends and partners Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer) have been able to achieve an amazing level of success without sacrificing any of the brilliant stupidity that got them this far from the jump. As expected, The Wack Album is exactly what it is supposed to be. Full of legitimately amazing production and guest appearances, the trio takes it to the next level while making sure to bring all of their fans with them. And the new music videos showcase all of what makes the guys so great and fun to watch, from sleek, high quality visuals to creative concepts. The “dudes” present a complete package of music, comedy, and video, so all you need to worry about is figuring out to dance, laugh, and watch at the same time.


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