Artist Spotlight (Comic Con Edition): Radically Beautiful’s SOUPER HEROES


Sad Comic Con is over? Well check this out. This edition of the Artist Spotlight is a special sneak preview in honor of Comic Con. Rachael Robinson AKA Radically Beautiful (who will be featured in a full Artist Spotlight in the coming months) has something so perfect for last week’s festivities that we couldn’t miss the opportunity to share it.

When asked about how she came up with the idea for SOUPER HEROES, Rachael said, “I paint a lot on things that are not canvases” (more on this coming up in her Artist Spotlight) and “I really like stuff with super heroes on them.” After a winter full of soup, the leftover cans became another one of the many unorthodox surfaces Rachael likes to use. On the beginning of the idea, “I got a hold of some yellow paint that I thought looked like chicken broth and painted all the cans.” What started as a potential soup can coat rack became SOUPER HEROES, a nice match for her Avengers drinking glasses. And she still might make the coat rack.

I wanted to know how this project reflects her style, “It shows that I like super heroes a lot, and I’ll probably do a Star Wars series next”…

For more on Rachael’s Radically Beautiful, check out

And stay tuned for her full Artist Spotlight. Coming soon!

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