Orange Really is the New Black


The internet has been a buzz over Netflix’s brand new original show, Orange is the New Black, created, written, and produced by Jenji Kohan (Weeds). The show follows the incarceration of Piper Chapman, masterfully played by Taylor Schilling, who is in no way fit for prison. Her big mouth and unstable emotions snare her into situations like getting a surprise in her sandwich, having an unwanted prison wife, and almost receiving the holy sacrament of baptism. The dynamically diverse cast helps to contrast with Piper and really builds a believable atmosphere. From the Correctional Officer deemed Pornstache (Pablo Schreiber) to the hippie yoga instructor Yoga Jones (Constance Shulman), Orange is the New Black shows us that not all correctional officers are good, not all inmates are evil, and prison can surprise you with who you really are.

The writing and acting for this show are impeccable. As a writer, I can usually guess plot points of story lines but this show twisted and turned my brain. I loved it. My only critique is nudity spamming that appears in the first couple of episodes. It felt like a gimmicky tactic to entice the male viewer to keep watching. If you’re really into that, so be it! But regardless, Orange is the New Black is the show that will make you laugh, sob, and gasp. It’s on my list of favorite shows and I’m sure it will be on yours too.


5 responses to “Orange Really is the New Black

  1. How bad is the nudity going into the series? I watched the first episode a couple weeks ago while my wife was out getting groceries, and though I liked the premise, I felt really pervy when it was over. I’d still like to give the show a shot, but it’s hard to stomach if there’s going to a lot of nudity without warning or plot relevance.


  2. After the second or third episode it calms down significantly. It is less about shock factor and more about elevating the plot. I highly recommend to keep watching. It’s a great show.


  3. Thanks for the question jkjones, I haven’t watched this yet, but I was going to with my husband. we probably will still check it out, but it’s good knowing ahead of time about shockers.


  4. As you might have noticed in my blog entry on this same show, I had a wildly different opinion. I thought there was potential for humor in the situation, but I only chuckled a couple of times, mostly to make myself feel ok about wasting an hour. I didn’t find any of the characters likable and the men ranged from sleazy to criminally sleazy. It was a disappointment. For a show to inspire such radically different opinions, it must be doing something right.


  5. Thanks for posting. I saw this when I was on Netflix looking for something to watch the other night and I kept passing it by. I will probably give it a chance and check it out.


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