The Artificial Selection Project: Journal Vol. 1

Last summer, The Artificial Selection Project began in hopes to create a community of writers and artists who produce out of who they are. We called for you to challenge, surprise, confound, and terrify us with your creative work. After a lot of reading, drawing, and formatting, we took the good, the bad, and the utterly repulsive and combined them into our first annual literary journal. The Artificial Selection Project finds much merriment in announcing that:


ASP Vol 1 Book Cover

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We congratulate our contributors for their awesome work!


Bizarre Milk / Jaymie Simpson

Broken / James Hall

To Serve and Protect / Taylor Ross

The Hunter / Richard Krawiec

The Confession of Alan Watts / Tom Gething

After Release/ Richard Krawiec

The Twelve Pariahs – A Prologue / Bryan Cullen

Yellow Tape / Marc Levy

Camera and the Quill / Manasvi Mudgal

A Little Therapy for Mishy / Timothy Ruane

Dr. Cri Cri’s Patient / Timothy Ruane

Edible / Leia Menlove

Marvin Pierre Visits His Doctor / Timothy Ruane

My Hot Therapist / Timothy Ruane

Vending Machine / Jeannie Bennett

Transport / A.R. Neal

Heidegger French / Timothy Ruane

I Beg to Differ / Athenia P. Mekarnia

The Jim Belushi Film Festival (aka Ukranian Outhouse) / R.J. Fox

Cosmetic Dentistry / Ken Poyner

The Last Deal / G.D. McFetridge

Scar Tissue / Riya Anne Polcastro

The Scream / Jéanpaul Ferro

The Family Pyramid / Aaron D. Wiegert

Refrigerator Dreams / Spencer Golub and David Hancock


Roohi Dash

Matt Villanueva


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