Make your own font for free? Count me in.

Spattered across the internet are several font-creation websites that allow you to turn your handwriting (or your counterfeit handwriting) into a generated font. It’s a really cool tool for folks who make comics because it lets you add that panache of personality rather than adopting an already well-used font. Having your own font gives your characters an added voice or, if you’ve got aliens or monsters in your story, an entirely new linguistic alphabet. The only problem is these programs cost a pretty penny. Ok, well not that much, but enough to make casual comickers like myself wonder if it’s worth it (How often will I use it? Is my handwriting even worthy of being immortalized into the digital world?)

Today, however, this really fantastic link popped up on Reddit:

This beautifully simple, little website lets you do what the other websites charge you for – create your own handwritten, vector-based font! It’s a splendid find and I really do hope it stays free to use because now I can splatter my grotesque chickenscratch all across my computer screen, hate it after five minutes, and make a completely new set of letters! I love saving money and doing dumb things at the same time.

If you, like myself, make a few dozen sets of ugly (or, in your case, absolutely stunning) alphabets, consider tossing the fine folks at a bit of a donation. It’s the least we can do.


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