Story submissions! What’s going where and how the devil do I keep track?

If you’re like me, then spreadsheets can seem a tad intimidating (especially when there are numbers involved). But if you’re busy submitting story after story to journal after journal (which you should be doing, you go-getter), then spreadsheets are essential. If set up correctly, they help you keep track of what’s been sent to whom and how long ago it was sent there. At least, that’s how it works in theory. In reality, after a few weeks of submitting to everything under the sun, my spreadsheet looks like it owed some mob boss too much money and was bludgeoned to death with a bat made of numbers, dates, and unintelligible phrases. Data is everywhere and it makes so little sense that I want to find a new damn hobby. Excel, google spreadsheets, whatever. They’re all equally frustrating. I’m a busy guy. I’ve got no time to learn how to use these complicated creatures…

Rather than bathe in the self-pitying fountain of my inadequacies, I set out to find a better alternative. And I was successful!

Submission Mojo is a Google-powered tool designed specifically for submitting written pieces to journals, be they articles, reviews, stories, poems, you name it. Submission Mojo keeps track of everything you send out and lays it out for you in an easy to understand format. All you’ve got to do is pop in a few details about where your piece is going and what it’s called and boom,  Submission Mojo makes the magic happen. Tag it, comment on it, make little notes to yourself, this website gave me the organization that I was craving in the simple format that I needed.

If blanketing the journal scene with your writings is as much a hobby for you as it is for me, then use this damn thing. It’s free, it’s fast, and it’s a beautiful creature.


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